Hi there! You want to know more about me, eh? Lovely!

Have you found the right Mike O'Shea? There are a few... I'm the one that made The Transfiguration, not the 1930s Irish actor or the photographer or the TV show writer or the steadicam operator...

Here's some other stuff I made if you're curious...

I made a Yak book with my ex-wife... involving a plastic toy yak. You can read it. Physical copies also exist... somewhere.

bmbx.org - This was a website I created with a friend many years ago. I no longer have anything to do with it, and my friend is dead. But cool enough the site is still going without us and I'm happy it is.

Remember that dead friend from the last sentence? I made 12 mixes for him. You can listen to those.

Maybe you want to reach me?



This website will be under construction until I am dead